Thursday, December 9, 2010

Extra Extra... Profitable Glitch! (Wikileaks Style!)

(Note: Acadia's gold does not support Profiteering from game glitches and the post below is only up to let the public know that it exist)

Ok so here is the deal. I discovered a fun little Glitch on my Droid's version of the remote auction house last night (not sure about Iphone but it is a No on the Online remote auction house). I did a little testing with it and Sure enough it seems like it's across more than just my server.

Anyway allow me to get to the point. I was checking my auctions on my phone as I am apt to do, when I accidentally clicked on my new Goblin. I started going through the auction house and noticed that things didn't exactly look right. It was at this point that I realized My GOBLIN was on the Alliance Auction house!

I Figured this might be a programming glitch or that it might only be an issue for Burning Blade (My Server). So I created a couple test goblins on other servers. Well as of this morning... all the goblins are  still pointing to the Alliance AH. This is great as it means I can effectivly cross faction trade on a single character!

I tested by buying a few items which Showed up in the mailbox when I logged in, as well as selling a few items that ended up being posted on the Alliance AH. so it seems to be functional.

So I want to know if anyone else out there is having this happen with them? If so please let me know .

If this is universal, The Profits to be made should be pretty obvious.  you should easily be able to sell and buy Cross Faction pets, faction exclusive recipies, Wool cloth as well as other endless Flipping possibilities.

I am sure this will be fixed soon and might not even wait until tuesday, so take advantage of this while you can!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Cost Of Doing Business

So far I have managed to log an incredible 2 hours of cataclysm (thanks work). My computer is up and running however, and I am trudging forward into the new content. Anyway, I figured now would be a good time to talk about a very real cost of doing business.
 As cataclysm progresses and you start placing more and more new content items up on the auction house, You need to start paying  more attention to one of the numbers that a lot of people simply don’t factor in while making their calculations, The Deposit cost.
A small hole can sink a ship. So when you are judging what to price an item for seriously consider if you are better off Pricing it a little lower to give you a better chance of selling, or if you want to post it 2 or 3 times to maximize your profits. As the cataclysm Items are posted, As with any item with an Increased level.  It’s deposit cost is going to Higher as well. This is all fine and dandy if you manage to sell the item within a 48 hour period as you will get the deposit back. However if it takes 3-4 posts to sell, you may already be in the red. 
This is especially important if you are a person who makes the majority of their gold Flipping items.  Before you buy out those stacks of Herbs at 60% value…. Take a look at how much a 48 hour deposit is. You may find that after a single posting, You’re breaking even.
This is something I am guilty of myself…. In truth I probably lose a few hundred gold a day because of deposits.  It’s easy to do, If you’re not the spreadsheet type and you simply watch your gold keep going up, It’s easy to think you’ve got the market all figured out.  However if you take a quick look at the number of returned auctions , you should be able to see just how much Money  you are really losing.
Now I am not going to say you should be selling 100% of your auctions, which is of course a unreasonable expectation. But stepping back and taking a look at where the holes in your boat might be is an important thing…. The gold you will save is going to be substantial.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The End is the Beginning.

So Cataclysm is here.... We are just mere hours away from the shattering of the world and one big ole dragon person.... And I am back in business (after an hour worth of Power Supply installation).

I am currently Expecting to see some of the low level mats increase in price over the next couple days. Which is good as my power supply went out while I was buying large quantities of Ores and Gems. I am thinking that the Influx of Worgs and Goblins coming into the realm with Sugar Daddy Mains will be Power leveling these little low level characters into their skills (ENG anyone?)

Yes the new players will also mean a new group of Suppliers (those leveling a Gathering profession) but I do not believe it will keep up with the demand starting out.

In addition any Gathering professions that you have on your mains are going to be HUGE... start getting those new mats and sell them as quickly as you can (prices should be highly elevated due to the demand).... If you are new to the gold game there is not better time to start building your stack!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of posts of late folks.  just thought I would let everyone know why.  My Power supply Finally died completely so my Home PC is shot as I wait for a part to be delivered  (posting from work atm so making this quick).

I promise I have not gone anywhere but right now I am sweating hoping I can get everything back up and running in time to load and start Cata for you guys. So as soon as my Machine is back up I will continue the Gold tips.

Anyway Just wanted to update my readers on what's going on. I appriciate your patience.

If you want a quick gold tip... umm..... Buy Enchanted Vellums at the enchanting supply store for 9 silver each and sell um on the AH (they are still fetching 50s-2g each). I don't expect this market to ever really fall below cost... let's face it (some) people are lazy and would rather pick them up on the AH then go and find the enchanter.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A portal to riches

So. The new zones are up, the cites are drastically different, and the portal are DEAD.

This is great! I logged into the realm to see all these nice and fun changes. only to have loud alarms from my Power supply as it can't handle the power my graphics card is using (I so need a new computer.... if any super rich readers want to hit that donate button...... ok... i can keep dreaming!)

Anyway, I did not get a lot of time to play around with the new stuff... I noticed that the Tundra mammoth now sells a 14 slot bag... Which to me is really just a neat little bit of awesome as I like to Bag up Lowbies I help out and just don't want to run to the AH all the time.

Anyway to the tips.

So the portals are gone.... what does that mean to me?

Well if you are a mage.... now is the time to make a killing selling portals. There will be several characters logging in and being in Dalaran. These people will want off the rock, the easiest way is to port them to org or any other starting city they need. This can make you a quick 5-10g a pop and you will get SEVERAL customers.

In the long term as well people will be needing more and more ports across all of azeroth so you should manage to make a pretty decent transport business out of those nifty little mage portals.

To non-mages this has a lot of meaning as well. Expect to see the prices of northrend mats and Outland mats to increase in price as fewer people take the long treck out to farm these mats. In addition now is the time that my Death to poirtals rise of pets post is relevant.

Anyway good luck and I hope to come back with some much better Tips with the new changes as soon as I can figure out how to get my machine back up and mostly functioning.

Friday, November 19, 2010

You landed on Free Parking, Collect 500g!

First off let me apologize if this post gets rambly or incoherent, I currently am sick and my brain is only half functioning. That being said...

Do you park your alts?
If you like many people have several toons... it's time to make them work for you. This is your little army of campers, they can grab your concert tickets, Stand in the DMV for your personalized PWN license plate for your chopper.... ohh and make you gold.

If you aren't currently leveling these toons, there are some good spots to camp these little deadbeats to help them pay their way. Allow me to share a some of my favorites

First on my list is Stormspire at The Consortium. There is a great pet vendor named Dealer Rashaad here that sells a bunch of pets you won't find anywhere else in azeroth (and a couple you will. These pets will sell for 3-10x purchase price on the AH and I only see the prices going even Higher with inflation and the removal of portals (they are still doing this right?).  There is also a couple other vendors that will carry parts and other limited quantity items that should fetch you a tidy sum of gold.

Another place I find profitable is Horde only camp spot... but can be very lucrative and that's Ambermill in silverpine forest. This is where you might want to park and farm the Black tabby. for more on this spot see this POST I wrote on the tabby.

The Third spot I would like to turn you onto is in WinterSpring. at the south end of the road you will find Vi'el Who sells Limited supplys of Groomsblood at 10 silvers Apiece (these sell for several gold on the AH). Also if you do decide to kill a few things while in Winterspring, Be on the lookout for the Winterfall Firewaters. these suckers few quite a few gold apiece in their own right.

Another Great spot to Camp is Dalaran. If they end up removing the portals then you'll have pets, clothes, tomes of Polymorph black cat, Flowers and all assortment of other items to pickup and resell.

At the moment these are the spots that spring to the front of my mind. I am sure there are plenty more, and probably better spots. So please feel free to get me your favorite parking spots in the comments!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Like sands through the hour glass

There might be times that maybe you’re on a new character, or you are having problems moving items you have created. If your usual tricks are not working It might be a good time to try some Product Placement! 
Ok….. so obviously Cherrios and Chex mix aren’t going to give you gold to advertise in world of warcraft (although I have not confirmed this), But believe it or not, A lot of people like a good Gimmick. With a little wit and Humor you can often convince people to buy things they would not normally feel a need to purchase. In effect you are doing Product Placment for your own goods.
I recently set up an Ally on the other side of my server. I am currently trying to get a feel for the dynamics involved between the two sides to better tune the way I use the auction houses.  Anyway, I threw some low level items up on the AH to start making gold and used the Linen I had gathered in the first few levels to make a few shirts  with tailoring and tossed them up on the AH for 7g each.  I then hit trade chat (not spamming of course). 
“Are you fashionable? Are you wearing a Tilla? If it’s not made by Tilla then I am afraid you have been left behind. Do not fret some fine Shirts made by Tilla are available now in the AH! Get yours before they are all gone”
A few people found this approach to selling amusing and went out of their way to buy the shirts I had posted in the AH, Which is in truth what I was expecting. You see I’ve used this trick before. If you approach someone in a way they are not expecting, or find humorous they are often likely just to buy out your item based solely on your Charisma! If you are not being obnoxious, this works really well on a RP server as you are in fact, just assuming your role.
So from time to time…. Don’t be afraid to take on the guise of an Expert pet trainer, A Top Chef, or fine tailor. Besides, it can be fun. It’s not going to make you fabulously wealthy, but it should start helping you think outside the box.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A tip for the Alliance (other than my weapon).

So yesterday I did a horde centric post about the Formula: Enchant Chest- Lesser Mana that you can buy for 4 silvers and flip for 30-50g (more alliance side). For the most part this is mostly recipe for completionists but still has a good market value. Unfortunately this recipe is only attainable by the horde, So all you Allies were out of luck.

Today I thought I would go ahead and do a post for you (hordies pay attention.... we are going to gank all the Allies going for this tip.... SHHHH!).

When you are next in Ashenvale seek out Harlown Darkweave. He sells the Pattern: Herbalist's Gloves. This pattern will cost you 18 Silvers But should net you between 30-100g on the Alliance AH (more horde side as like yesterdays post this is a Faction only item). This Item  is a limited supply Pattern and as I understand is set to an 30 minute to and hour cooldown. I don't believe that many people go out looking for it however so you should be able to snag one.

The difference between the Enchant Chest- Lesser Mana and this Pattern is that this pattern is actually a great one to learn if you are a leatherworker. The Herbalist's Gloves it makes offers you a +5 to herbalism so this will allow you to pick +5 higher than your actual skill leve. people that craft these gloves will often sell them between 10-40g which is a pretty nice profit as it's around 5g in mats.  In addition I would predict there will be a nice increase in sales as the Herbalists that don't own a pair will be buying them heading into the next expansion. So make a few pairs and see how the market treats you. 

So there.... I have extended my hand across the isle and Given a great tip for you Allies... Now I suppose you want to start building those statues of me in your cities and erecting the temples to my greatness! I appriciate the sentiment, Just remember to make them Grand!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Nothing Lesser about it!

So today I thought I would share a quick tip for the low level players. Would you like to take 4 silvers worth of hard earned currency and turn it onto a stack of 50G?  If you are frequenting the wow Gold blogs you've probably read about selling low level meats in the AH, Buying fishing poles, Coper rods and Other vendor items that have a good markup and can net you a couple gold. These are great little money makers and will help you to slowly build up some gold to work with.

But did you know that there is a formula sold in Kithas's Orgrimmar enchanter shop (and Lilly in silverprine) that can net you 50+g?  I am talking about the Formula: Enchant Chest Lesser Mana. This is a great Formula to make a little gold off of.  This is a Limited supply item so the markets don't end up flooded  with them. Also the only Vendors that sell this Formula are both horde side, so It is worth while for Cross faction trading. From what I have seen on the Undermine Journal these go for 30-50g on horde side servers and 30-100g Alliance side. I sell them Horde side and manage to get 40-50g for them on Burning Blade. They normally sell with a 48 hour post. So the next time you are Org (or silverpine) take a look and see if this Formula is available!

(for you Alliance players I have recently started a low level Ally, I am sorry most of my tips are Horde oriented, hope to have more posts for Alliance as well soon.)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Networking is not just for Facebook!

A lot of the auctioneers I’ve met are very much go it alone types.  They either find themselves completely absorbed in their data, or look at everyone else as possible competition and don’t want to share their information and opinions with anyone.
Networking with other adventurers however can be a great way to broaden your business.  It doesn’t matter so much if it is people you’ve just met or people you’ve been in a guild with for a long time getting by with a little help from your friends in my opinion (and the Beatles) is the way to go.
If like me you’ve only got one account cross faction trading can be terribly difficult (mostly impossible as you can’t buy your alts auctions).  However with the help of a friend or two it’s not impossible, Right now I have a bank alt loaded with alliance pets thanks to some help from a friend (thanks Xknight!).  With a good partner you should be able to make a fair amount of gold for each other on both sides of the fence.
Another great reason to be social with other adventures of all ages and experience is that you want them to Farm for you!  In truth I am most excited when I find someone starting out in wow as everything is new and shiny to them and they are more than willing to grab some items for you that will give them a fair amount of gold to build upon plus you will be building upon a relationship that could be useful and fulfilling for a long time. I have found several young blood elfs to farm Small Eggs for me I offer to buy the eggs for 50 silver each off of them which for a lvl 5-20 is pretty decent bank considering their drop rate.   
I also have level  80’s that  are willing farm Essences and other items for me. I find a lot of the people out there are afraid of the auction house, Or simply not patient enough to learn how to play it, but would love to get 300-400g for an hour of work (even if you in turn are getting 700-1000g from the same mats). I have often found the best way to approach people about this is to be straight forward. I tend to offer around 50% of the Ah value to the farmers which Is normally pretty reasonable. If they ask what you intended to do with the items be honest, if you are going to sell them for a profit say so, if you are going to use them to craft even better!
If you are serious about having people farm for you there are a couple things that might help.  First make a list of the items you would ideally like to get (Essences, spidersilks, ores, primal, rep items ect…ect…) Note the level of mobs that drop them, where they are best farmed and price points for both Buying and Selling.  If you find someone who is willing to make some money, Simply refer to the list and supply them with the information. Treat it as if you are giving them a job. Have them COD the items to you and Let them know the turnaround on it. If you are planning to go on a vacation and won’t be picking up CODs let your friend/farmer know!
Finally you want to Network with other Auctioneers. I have on several occasions made deals with people that for all practical purposes are my competition, Sometimes  they will grab a huge volume of items as a great discount and be happy to let it go for what amounts to a small profit and will leave you the job of posting everything individually for a pretty nice profit yourself.  Sometimes you can come to terms with  the completion and end an undercutting war, or come to a reasonable price you both are comfortable with. Of course there is also the fact that if you are on good terms with other auctioneers you can trade secrets, share theories and who knows, maybe even make a huge gold making community (that’ll never happen)!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Razzashi Hatchling? 1500g?..... ehh no thanks.

Well if you have not heard by now. The Razzashi hatchlings Is coming back!  If you farmed your rear off to grab a couple of these in hopes of making a huge profit. Drop them now!

A new blue post has come out stating that they have found a new spot to insert this pet in the game (source), and already the markets are starting to flood with low priced hatchlings.

This might not be new news to some of you folks out there, but I figured i'd throw out the info so no one makes the mistake of seeing a bunch of hatchlings at low price and blowing 10-20k on them.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cataclysmic prices on BOE recipes!

So, cataclysm is right around the corner, People are starting to camp out in front of the starting line getting ready to  race toward the new content that will be unlocked.  The gold makers are sharpening their pickaxes, double checking their new Cataclysm Herb guides to make sure they are not picking some new form of Poison Oak, and leather workers are drooling over the new pelts the animals are bound to bring (Worgen skin cloak anyone?).

When the gun goes off and people start racing toward Realm first 85 or are trying to be the first to max their crafting professions and hold their respective markets for the early expansion. Take a quick moment Sum up the group, walk out into the shattered realm and sell them Shovels.Whenever gold was discovered out west, people grabbed a pick, a shovel,a pan, a horse and went in search of their fortune, The people who ended up getting rich were those selling picks, shovels, pans and horses!

Don't get me wrong, There will be a lot of money to be made in the gathering professions, The mats are going to be insanely expensive as the crafting professions are going to be buying up the stock about as quick as it's posted (at hugely inflated profits). If you don't have any gathering professions don't worry, you can still make money.

If past expansions are any indication you're going to be greeted will all sorts of new BOE recipies, designs,Schmatics and what not. So snatch these items up and throw them on the AH. You should pretty much be able to name your own price. People are not going to waste the early part of the expansion running from vendor to vendor to find new recipies, They are going to buy anything they can find that's relevant off of the auction house. So provide these crafting prospectors with the tools they need to go and do their jobs!

(Did you know Pickaxes,blacksmith hammers, skinning knives and copper rods will actually sell on the ah for a few gold apiece? Talk about making money off of tools!)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fishing the AH for Suckers!

First off I would like to start this blog with a simple statement. I am expanding upon an idea from another blogger.

Granted when I first read Cold's Blog and heard him advocating leaving low priced items up on the auction house so that others would undercut the price and you would in turn get even better pricing..... Why to be honest I thought he was off his rocker. This tactic works well if you are the main auctioneer (and pretty much only) on your realm.... But the more I thought about his idea the more it made sense. The Issue was however if Cold and I were on the same server... neither of us would let this happen. We would snatch up the low priced item and post at a normal price. Both knowing that the other was there to snatch up the deals. I look at underpost like this as gifts from above, and knowing that I have several auctioneers on my server I snatch them right up. But Cold post some great blogs, so I have learned to believe in what he says (even if I am stealing his idea here)

Flash forward, I am sitting at work on a hectic Tuesday, listening to episode 20 of call to auction as I hear the podcast discussing how Bid posts have no place in an auctioneer's bag of tricks (BTW Markco is the best but Big Jimm is Great too....even if I am not on his blog roll!).... a few hours later, I find myself checking my auctions at home. As an Auctioneer with only 2 maxed professions on both of my toons I do a great deal of flipping to remain profitable. I get a fair amount of gold from my Blacksmithing, but probably more from buying low and selling normal. I take notice of the fact that several of the auctions I was buying Out were undercuting bids. Suddenly I was struck by a bolt of Golden lightning....Placing a bid post on the auction house can make you serious gold!

Why not seed the auction house with bids? I see inexperienced auctioneers undercutting the bids all the time. I've snatched these up and chuckled a bit thinking to myself "why those were just Bids silly, you should only undercut the buyouts!".I've found that often these undercutters are farmers, more specifically farmers whose job it is to make money before their shift is up. You see gold farmers are paid by the gold they make, or have quotas they have to meet, which is why you will find items on 12 hour auctions seriously under-priced. These are expected to be bought out very quickly (within the hour). This only works well for them if they are the lowest priced auctions, and the first materials you see on an auction house scan. So they will almost always undercut anything, bid or not. So if you say post up 20 single saronite ores at 40 silver each... Don't be surprised to find 15 stacks of ore below 8g a stack (a huge profit as smelted these are worth 12.5g a stack at vendor price).

This can be applied to most markets, Often it will simply be a person new to the auction house just trying to undercut, sometimes it will be a farmer. Sometimes it will be a fellow auctioneer with way to low of a fallback. There is profit to be made with 48 hour bids, first you bait the hook.... and then you go fishing. Sometimes you come back with one hell of a fish!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pulling gold from a hat. It's Magic!

If you are familiar with the selling of Dalaran pets you know people will buy items without knowing where they come from or how much they are worth (or they just do this to save time). However the Dalaran pets are not the only items you should grab when you go to Dalaran. I have another shop for you to visit!

Have you ever been to the tailor shop Threads of Fate? If not I think you should try and make a trip over there. The first thing you should do is buy yourself one of their beautiful shirts on the first floor (great to stylize yourself, but so far I have not had much luck reselling them). After buying yourself a nice new shirt go ahead and take a walk up the stairs and you will find a cobbler selling shoes (for justice points) and a Cloak seller as well (again justice points). you'll also find a very strange little man doing laundry and then You should see your real target. Chameli Banaphash.

Chameli sells two items that should interest you. The first is the Violet hat. You can buy this hat from her for 55g and  when worn be the center of attention! The second item is the Purple Turban Which you can buy for 99g99s99c. Both of these are level 1 hats so are great for bank alts looking to flash it up and people who just don't have any option for a head slot. I have been trying keep one of each in the auction house for 300-500g each. These are especially nice on RP servers and may have more value there. These hats used to have 2 armor on them which unfortunately was removed in 4.0.1 but these are still good sellers and well worth checking out. So buy a hat for yourself as well, and maybe a couple to put on the AH. After all... it's your job to help Azeroth be stylish!

Friday, October 29, 2010

A nice facet of gold making.

Lately I have been having a lot of luck with Simple gems. I don't believe this is a fluke. Everyone leveling will come across these gems and a lot of people will post them without really knowing their value and just 2 or 4 people undercutting can easily effect the price of the market. So if no one buys them for a couple hours their price is drastically reduced. You can often find these gems for 20-40% of their true market value.

When I say simple gems I mean gems such as Citrines, Jade, Large Opals, Star Rubies, Azerothian Diamonds, Aquamarines and various Pearls. These are great items to buy up when you can find them at a good price. These are used in several professions for skilling up with low level gear, and are used heavily in Jewelcrafting for almost all of the early designs. So when these sell at normal market value it will probably be 5-10 gems at a time as they are being bought out to help level a crafting profession.

I believe the prices for these gems will go even higher as many people find Inscription less profitable and switch off to something else (maybe Jewelcrafting.... the #2 in gold making professions?). I've been grabbing all the simple gems I can and re-posting for a significant profit. Rarely have a seen any of these come back after a 48 hour post. So next time you look in the auction house, take a look at these beautiful gold makers.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So two guys sit down at a bar....

This month the JMTC Blogging carnival is about "Mistakes You've Learned From While Playing the AH".
I have given this subject a lot of thought, I've considered telling a story about the time I confused a Black Tabby with one of the Siamese Cats and sold it for 15g instead of the 1000g it was worth. I've considered telling about the several times I've tried to Corner a market by buying all of an available stock and re-listing at a profit (this almost never works) only to realize I had neither the time nor the will to maintain a market and ended up loosing hundreds of gold. I could even bring up the recent mistake that most of the gold blogging community had made with Buying up mats for a cooldown removal that never happenend!

Instead I have decided to supply you with a different story.

There are two guys sitting in a bar at the top of the Empire State Building. The first guy has black hair, and the second is a blond. They sit there, drinking their booze, when all of a sudden the black haired guy looks over at the blond and says "Hey man!, Want to see something amazing?". The blond guy looks up from his drink and responds with a "Sure man". So the black haired gentleman walks over to the window, throws it open and steps outside. To the blond guys amazingment instead of falling to his death, he just seems to float there he then steps back in through the window and continues drinking. The blond is amazed by this and says "MY GOD MAN!!!! How did you do that?"; "Easy" says the black haired man "At this height the wind is blowing so hard against the building that the force will hold you there and you won't fall.". The blond man says "I have to try that!" and runs over to the window, throws it open and steps outside. He plummets the full length of the building only to splatter on the sidewalk below. The bartender looks up from his paper at the black haired gentleman and says "You know, you're a real @$$ when you're drunk Superman!"

Now you might be asking yourself what this has to do with gold making. In truth, there is quite a bit to draw from. I have found a lot of the people that come to our blogs are new to gold making and trying to find a way to get ahead, buy their epic flying, or just wanting to build a nice nest egg for Cataclysm.

Yet most of us (the gold blogging community) are rather well established. We have large sums of gold to waste, and although often we are giving you great tips there are times that these tips are also speculation and are not always sure fire ways to make you gold.. Our goal for us is to make you rich (just not as rich as us). Sometimes, however, you need to take a closer look at what we are saying and make sure it's right for you. If we have a post that will require all of your capital, it would be a mistake to wager it against what we say as gospel. If you do not understand the market the tip comes from it might not be right for you. It may pay out big, but there is always the chance that you will lose everything. If we offer you a tip it is not guaranteed to work on your server (although the ideas themselves are normally very sound).

What we truly want is for you to keep the gold you have, to prevent you from making the mistakes that we have, and to help you work through the ones that you will make yourselves. We all learn from these mistakes, and these mistakes define us and make us better for it. So be careful of the advice you get from people you don't know. It may not always be in your best interest.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Black Cat crossing your path is good luck!

Do you currently own a Black Tabby? If you are an Alliance player be prepared to pay a hell of a price . If you are horde however this is a great pet to farm.  I've managed to farm this pet with an alt 3 times in the last couple months. Twice I have sold this for between 600-1000g each. (600g horde side 1000g on neutral ah).The third farm however will probably be addressed in my upcoming "mistakes" post for the JMTC blogging carnival.

This is a great pet. A little history note the Black Tabby used to be know as the Maine Coon (see pic below for a real Maine Coon). This name was changed to Black Tabby due to the name being offensive (At one point in time had a Maine Coon and this is still the name of the breed). This is also one of two cats (the other being the Bombay) that Stinker the skunk will chase around lovesick like a crazy loony toon character.

It's easy enough to farm if you have a level 30 toon horde side, simply station them at the steps in Ambermill and create a macro that reads (/target Dalaran Spellscribe).

The Spellscribe will drop this pet about 27% of the time and spawns about once every 2-3 hours (some say 4-5). not a lot of people farm this and if you are able to Snag the cat it is worth 1000g on most of the servers out there. This is a great Halloween pet so heck who is to say you won't get more for it this time of year.

Good luck and keep making Gold!

Friday, October 22, 2010

My favorite Fishing hole

So. Can you make 500g+ an hour fishing? It's actually not that hard. Especially if you have either Cooking or Alechmy to fall back on.

Today I would love to share with you my favorite fishing hole. You have a little over a month for this to be a great gold maker for you. So if you have the patience to fish. I'd start fishing!

One of the biggest sellers is food cooked from Dragonfin Angelfish. you can cook up Blackened Dragonfin and Dragonfin Filet. Both of these can sell for a pretty penny if you have your cooking up high enough to make them (8g a fish on Burning Blade). These are easily attainable in Dragonblight. The fishing village with the walrus ghosts spawns pools of dragonfins about as fast as you can fish them. I've fished these up at a minimum of 5 stacks an hour. If you cook them up and sell them for 8g each (minus say 100g for Northern spices) you're looking at 700g for an hour of work. But it does not end there.  Almost every fish that comes out of the lake also has a Pygmy Suckerfish attached. These can sell pretty well themselves, or can be converted into Pygmy Oil which are components of Guru's Elixir and Flask of Pure Mojo. So if you have an Alchemist this is even more lucrative.

Even raw the Dragonfins and Suckerfish should sell well enough to keep you up and going with several hundred gold an hour(last i checked raw Dragonfin went for around 50g a stack and Suckerfish were around 20g or so).

So if you have had the patience to Level up your fishing, this spot is much more rewarding than just throwing out a pole in Wintergrasp.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween... carry on,bury all!

I love Halloween (and not just because it's my birthday).  I love the quests, and I love running around trick or treating. The headless horseman quest is one of my favorite battles. It's not much harder than the Brewfest fight and is a  pretty good Gold maker as well.

With the Holiday fights being queued into Dungeon finder, this is now a really easy fight to Farm.The Headless Horseman has a 27 percent drop rate for 3-6 Weighted Jack-o'-lanterns which can sell for really high prices on the AH (currently 10-25g each on my server). The best plan is to hold onto these until after the holliday, their price will increase significantly. I tend to hold mine until the X-mas holiday and advertise around the Nightmare before Christmas crowd. The fights are pretty much Insta-queues if you tank or heal, and with Dual spec being so cheap you should have no problem with this.

In addition you will receive several wands while Trick or Treating that offer you 5 charges of various costumes (Skeleton,ghost,bat,pirate,ninja,wisp,gnome?).You can often sell zaps of this wand for 5-15g each. so be sure to trick or treat as often as possible. More wands = more G and it's Free! This is a bit time consuming as you need to advertise in trade, but it's still worth your time.

So go out.... grab bags of candy... put on a flimsy mask and go get some gold!

Monday, October 18, 2010

SNACK-O-MATIC, There for you!

Are you a horde?  Would you like to walk up to a machine and make an easy 20+G? well step onto your closest Zep  go below deck and try the SNACK-O-MATIC IV 

It Slices*, It Dices*, It dispenses wonderful amounts of food and drink on your way accross the oceans of Azeroth! That's rights, Fresh Fruits! Wonderful cheeses! Even the hard to find Alerac Swiss! that ellusive cheese needed for the Clementine Surprise Quest. That's right for the special price of 40 silvers you can get 5 pieces of cheese that  are tasty beyond compare and will Auction for 1+g each! while you're here why not pick up some cold milk, or Some refreshing spring water? heck believe or not these taste great and sell too!  The SNACK-O-MATIC IV also has lots of other foods and drinks that you may find Both tasty and profitable!

So Remember when you've got to travel, The SNACK-O-MATIC IV is there for you!

* (the SNACK-O-MATIC IV's slicing and dicing is to be used at ones own risk. We are no liable for any dismemberment, death, or accidental disintegration.).

Friday, October 15, 2010

Everything I know about the AH I learned from Wall Street (the movie).

It’s easy to think of gold making as a collection of Tips and Tricks. As a treasure map set before you with a big red X that says go here, farm this. If that is what you are looking for there are several posts around you should enjoy. However if you want to meet your true potential, you need to understand the market. It is a living, breathing entity, Or rather several entities. I hear from people all the time that tips don’t work for them on their server and it’s true.  Take a look at my post on farming in Eastern plaguelands as an example. It’s a huge gold maker on my server and a look at the Undermine Journal will show you about 50% of the servers out there show prices like mine. The other 50% however have prices as low as 1/10th what I see.  The truth is the populations, demand and yes exploitation of the markets by greedy underhanded gold moguls like us has a great deal to do with price. So take a look at your server and see where your markets stand and heed the wise tips below!

What's worth doing is worth doing for money.”

Crafting is one of the stables of the wow economy. Diversify your skills. Get a character to to top skill levels on as many professions as you can. Don’t neglect the free skills like cooking and fishing. They may be boring but they have great profit potential. The more you know about these professions the more you will be able to pick out the mat markets that drive these and get a better understanding of why what items are selling.

I don't throw darts at a board. I bet on sure things”

You don’t want to just take guesses in WoW. You want to find constant sources of income. You will find your own niches and you will find your stable markets

“Blue horseshoe loves BlueStar Airline”

If recent events are any indication, all information you receive is not to be taken as gospel. A large chunk of the gold community ran out and snached up loads of eternals and Frozen orbs in preparation of the Gem transmutes being taken away. This did not happen and was originally a tip pulled from datamining, and a few of us got stuck in the mine.

“We're all just one trade away from humility.”

You will make mistakes. It’s the nature of the game, the only hope is they are not HUGE mistakes. The best way to avoid this is simply to Diversity. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Spread them out and you should have great success in spite of your mistakes.

“If you need a friend. Get a dog..”
You will not be loved by everyone, In fact you will have several people that utterly hate and despise you. I’ve probably received 20 mails from various people either yelling about being undercut, complaining that I am pushing them out of a market, or accusing me of price gouging people. Also the thought that you are going to be well loved by the people that know of your wealth you are more than likely mistaken. You’ll be accused of buying your gold and for the most part a lot of people are going to resent you. Envy is an ugly emotion…… ohhh by the way speaking of pets did I mention this is a good market?

“The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed works.”

Enough is never Enough….. there is always more  so go out there and make your way in the World (of Warcraft)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

DR. StrangeGuild or how I learned to stop worrying and love misfortune.

Well... after two and a half days, I have finally managed to get 4.0.1 installed. thanks to a faulty hard drive and a dying power supply I managed to miss out on some serious gold. I suppose this was a pretty Epic fail on my machines part.

It did however get me thinking about other peoples failures. I have been bouncing around from guild to guild for awhile now. It seems any time I get invested in a group of people, something happens that causes the guild to collapse. I don't directly involve myself in any of the disputes or anything I just watch as the GM loses interest or boots people and liquidates the guild banks holdings. and runs away with it.

Well after a few of these I've started to become a bit of a carrion.  I will sniff around trade waiting to hear the sweet Proclimation of "GUILD FOR SALE!" or "Guild Stock for sale".  I will then inquire upon price, or buy up all of the available stock at a huge discount.

Last week for example, A guy was advertising a Guild for sale with 4 tabs for 1150. Well the second I showed any interest in this he was suddenly willing to let it go for 800 so I snatched it up on an alt for the added space (getting signatures for a new one is painful and my time is more valuable elsewhere) . Turns out that it was a hell of a buy, Once I took ownership I checked out the Guild Bank tab to see if anything was left. I found a stack of Abyss Crystals, Rods of almost every color. and about 10-20 stacks of various dusts and a half a tab or so of random greens.  After selling all this stuff off in the auction house I ended up profiting 1500g or so, and getting a 4 tab GB for free. Other times I have bought out entire GB stocks at well under market value, the GM's just wanting to get rid of everything and go off to join another guild themselves.

You see I profit off the misfortune of others. Somewhere down the line somebody placed these items in the guild banks to help out the guild and their fellow guildies. They have most likely been cut out of their fair share of the profits, while i reap the benefits of this betrail.  I am a Carrion bird, happily picking at the corpses of good intentions.

This might not shine the brightest of lights on me, But I have a feeling I am not the only one who does this. I make no apologies.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Frozen orb, Hot market.

As soon as the Realms are up from patching I recommend going out and checking the prices of Frozen orbs, buy any orbs you see for their normal price (or lower) these will probably continue to be posted at this price for the next few days as a lot of people do not read the patch notes or do not realize that these can be traded for Eternals

The market for the Eternals should be going sky High, The cool downs have been removed from Gem transmutes so be prepared to see everyone run and grab as many mats as they can to crank these out.  This is also compounded by the fact that several people will be regeming (sadly I neither have a JC high enough to profit off of this or a Alchemist high enough to transmute).  But you can bet I am going to converting all my orbs!

You might also want to look for the mats required in the Transmutes and any cheap eternals you can find as these will be flying off the shelves too.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What happens in Dalaran, Stays in Dalaran!

So do you like to Gamble? Are you the type that likes to throw down a nice chunk of gold on a 50/50 bet? Do you look around the world of wow, Grasping your worn dice.... wondering when you are going to be able to throw the bones? Then I have an Auction house gamble for you. How would you like to bet on a Tome of Polymorph Black cat?

This tome is sold by Endora Moorehead In Dalaran for 2000-2500g depending on your rep. it's a limited quantity item with a rather long respawn, However I always seem to find it whenever i look. This is risky item to try and flip because the cost for a 48 hour deposit is 375g. If you post this item for 3000g you've only got two posts of it before you are in the red.

A lot of people do not know where to get this tome, and with Halloween coming up i wouldn't be surprised if a few people thought it was a seasonal drop and buy it outright. You are essentially gambling on people actually going out and wowheading the item. I've tried selling this Tome twice now and it's sold both times for 3000G (i bought it for 2000g and after AH cut ended up with a 850g profit).

I have seen rumors in forums that this Tome has gone for as much as 4-5000g. So it's up to you how much you want to risk. I hope this tip satisfies your ache to let it ride on the tables. You know.... you should probably seek help for that!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tanaris a Recipe for success!

I rarely go to Tanaris. However when I do I like to run a little circle around the area and pick up some of the many recipes. these sell pretty well to completionist and a couple are limited and worth some decent gold. Most people will tell you only to invest in limited supply recipes but in truth the regular recipes do sell. It might take a little longer but the deposits are cheap. How often do you buy a recipe in the auction house just to avoid having to find where to get it and going out of your way to do so?

First thing you should do when you arrive in Gadgetzan is actually go North out onto the shimmering flats (technically out of Tanaris I know) and pick up a few chickens at the racetrack (these sell really well) also see Jinky Twizzlefizxxit who has the Lovingly crafted Boomstick Recipe. this is a limited supply recipe that sells for around 30g. head back to Gadgetzan and find the following vendors/recipes

Dirge QuickCleave (or the innkeeper) 
Tender wolf steak Cost= 1.8g Sell price= 10g+

Blizrik Buckshot
EZ-Thro Dynamite II (limited) Cost= 45 Silver Sell price = 15-30g

Alchemist Pestlezugg
Philosopher's Stone Cost= 72 silver Sell price= 15-25g
Transmut Iron ---> Gold   Cost= 72 silver Sell price= 10+g
Transmut Arcanite  Cost=4.5g Sell price= 20g
Nature protection potion (limited)= Cost 18 silver Sell price=5+g
Transmute Mithril--> Truesilver (limited) Cost=72s Sell price=10g

After you grab these recipies head down the road to Steam wheedle port and pick up the following.

Haughty Modiste
Pattern Dress Shoes(limited) Cost= 45 silver Sell price= 25-30g
Haliscan Jacket Cost=45 silver Sell price= 5-10g
Haliscan Pantaloons Cost= 40 silver Sell price=5-10g

Spotted Yellowtail Cost= 1.5g Sell price=10-20g
Grilled Squid Cost= 1.5g Sell price = 10-20g
Poached Sunscale salmon Cost=1.8g Sell price = 10-20g
Nightfin soup Cost= 1.8g Sell price=15-25g

Undermine clam chowder(limited) Cost=27 silver Sell price 15-30g

While in Tanaris you might want to check the neutral AH for any items that might be underpriced or good cross faction sales (white kittens anyone??). Before you leave you could toss a couple faction pets in your bag and post them as well.

Now the recipe prices are subject to fluctuate based on if other people are buying and reselling. You'll probably see a couple of these recipes already on the auction house but there should always be some profit left in them. Selling recipes does however really shine in times when there will be lots of new alts running around (can you think of any coming up?). I don't honestly believe this tip is going to make you fabulously wealthy , but it should put a couple hundred gold in your pocket.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

1000+G an hour in Eastern Plaguelands

Okay, I don't believe I've seen a post on this yet. So, I would like to talk to you about my new discovery. I've always loved the farming potential of essence of airs; they sell really well as I am sure you have noticed from my post about them. I have, however, found a new essence I am completely in love with!  Let me tell you why.

I created a DK Enchanter and have gotten into the late 300's on her. Well I recently took the profits I was making from the twink chants and invested in the Spell power enchant (5000g). This turned out to be a huge mistake, which I discovered today. I went out and found the Healing Power enchant (2000g) which after the changes is now a +29 SP enchant versus the +30 of spellpower enchant.

Long story short... based on the AH prices the spellpower enchant cost about 500g in mats as golden pearls are insane (200g or so) and will net you about 550G (50g profit) and the HP enchant should be about 150g in mats and net you around 450g. The most expensive of the mats for this enchant being the Essence of Waters (30g each on my server and the chant uses 4). So I went out and took a look at what the Essence of Water drop rates are. Here is what I found.

The Essence of Waters drop in a very similar fashion as the essence of airs they are a 20%+ drop rate from two lakes in eastern plaguelands. I took about 30 minutes or so farming and ended up with about 20 essence of waters , 5 Globe of waters (on burning blade worth about 15g each),  10 Elemental waters (4g each) and 80 or 4 stacks of Enchanted water (worth 1g each? please someone explain why). just with the AH value i see this as easily hitting the 1000g an hour farming mark. But also if you have an enchanter that 150g in mats will net you a 450g scroll... so the sky is the limit on this tip!

See the below map for the farming spots. you can farm one out and go to the other. by the time you get back I have found the spawn timers have reset. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Seeing WOW through rose colored Glasses.

First off I would like to apologize to Cold over at ColdsGoldfactory .Who's actually on my blogroll. Turns out that my post from yesterday is the same subject that he had posted 2 days before. I admit it suspiciously looks like it's been lifted down to Egg puns(whomever would do a play on words like that!!), however I assure you that's not the case.It's just one of life's cruel coincidences. As young as my blog is I definately don't want to be known to be stealing anyone's ideas.  I will try harder to monitor the other gold blogs and try and make sure I don't post on similar subjects again. I sincerely apologize for this oversight. Ok back to the blog. Today's post is called Goodbye to auto posters! and this is a subject very close to my heart.......DOH!!!

Actually today I would like to tell you about Ruby shades.  You've seen them before... they make you look hot like the true Diva you are! They are the forefront of wow fashion.... heck they used to be sold by Haris Pilton!  Also you can make a pretty penny on them (or in this case gold). The shades are no longer available in wow. they originally started as and item that sold in limited supply for 2000g. In patch 3.0.2 the price of the shades dropped down to 5 copper. They were later removed from the game entirely and now are unavailable from any vendor.

So as you might know this translates to lots of gold in wow!  The good thing about the shades is the fact that they do not become soulbound they are a simple white item that can be used and traded as you see fit. This also means that quite a few of the original shades are sitting somewhere in banks,bags or that there are people just plain needing to pawn them. In the last month i've picked up 3 of these for around 500-700g each and have sold two of those for 2500g (third is in ah right now).  These items are a great thing to add to snatch or just to be on the lookout for. Also buy a pair for yourself.... nothing looks so nice as riding down the road on your hog with your hot red shades!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Eggcellent time to build your nest egg!

As you know it's October and that means one thing. Time to start stockpiling Small eggs for Winter Veil!!

Wait....... WHAT????

Seriously though, it's not a bad time to start. Right now there is not a lot of going on. you're selling items out of your bank alts in preparation for Cataclysm. You're maybe grinding rep and trying to make what you can on the few remaining active segments of the markets. You might even be stocking up a few items you think are going to increase in price in cataclysm. Why not reserve a little space in that bank for small eggs?

Small eggs are in general rather cheap you will find them for less than 50 silver a lot of the time, you should add them to your snatch lists or even go so far as to farm a few for yourself. Like most low level cooking supplies they can sell for 1g or so each to people leveling cooking. With all the new alts coming up there will be plenty of people doing this. However this is not why you are stockpiling, you're stockpiling because come December 15th it will be Winter Veil again and for two or three days those eggs will be worth their weight in gold.

Last year the eggs were going on burning blade for 10g apiece for the first 6-10 hours or so and 5g each for the next couple days and never really fell below 2 until the holiday was over. This year due to inflation and added hassle to obtain  I would say they start even higher and remain that way for a longer period of time. Think about it. Cataclysm will be just 1 week old, no one is going to want to take the time to get their own eggs and everyone will do the cookies and milk quest (you can also make a pretty penny selling milk at this time). Pretty much everyone does the Winter Veil holiday quests and you will be looking at a time with the most traffic as people will be coming back to wow now that the expansion is live.

Sure there will be farmers grabbing these and the Egg market will level out toward the end of the holiday. But you're not going to be one of these farmers, right? You're going to be using your gathering professions (assuming you have some) to cash in on that early expansion mat gathering right? Wouldn't it be nice if you also had a bank tab full of eggs? These stacks of 20 eggs worth 200g+ a stack it's an awful nice present to yourself!

*Small note: It is possible although I think unlikely that the Winter Veil quests might change, I don't believe they will really get rid of getting WOW's Santa his milk and cookies, but even if this does happen the low level foods will still sell... just might take a bit longer.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Death of portals, Rise of pets!

Are you currently in the pet market?  If you aren't then I would look into it. Vanity pets are a nice supplemental source of income. The pets you can get in all the major cities will easily go from 2-10g in the AH and are only an investment of 50 Silvers or so.  Pets such as the Ancona chicken (available in the Mirage racetrack in thousand needles) can go for 30g on a 1g investment.  These sell rather well due the their location, few people are really willing to go all the way out to thousand needles and pick this thing up. Most of the pets that require some legwork are much more valuable then those that don't. The pets available from Dealer Rashaad. at the consortium (The Mana Wyrm, the Blue Dragonhawk, the Red Moth, Siamese Cat) easily sell for 3-10x their cost.  You can also make a fairly good profit on the Dalaran pets which can be obtained for 40-50g depending on rep and will sell in the AH for around 100g (beware however the deposit cost so post one at a time). and Rare pets like the White Kitten and the Black Tabby can go from 200-1000g each.

What does this have to do with portals you might ask?  Well grabbing the pets is something that I do more when it's convenient, I tend not to go far out of my way unless it's to buy several in bulk and sell at a huge markup. I will pick up one of each pet in Dalaran whenever I am there as it's where I and, for that matter, most people have their hearths set. The portals in Dalaran make getting pets simple... port to whatever city I want.... grab whatever pets I want to make a little income on top of my main markets.even a port to Shat is  an easy AFK fly to the consortium. Well...... that will now be a thing of the past.  The portals in Dalaran and Shat are soon to be gone.  What does this mean for the pet market?

Right now almost everyone's hearth is set to Dalaran, it's easy access to the portals being a main reason. Come Cataclysm the rose is off the bloom and Dalaran will be abandoned by most players and main cities like ORG will be back to the main hub in the game. Many of the pet farmers are lower level toons (bank alts and the like) and will suddenly find their ability to get pets terribly hindered.

I see this causing the price of pets to increase significantly...Several low level pet farmers will see the added time involved in getting the pets and look for new markets.  Is it possible the the Dalaran pets could reach 300g?  Could the pets from the consortium increase even more?  I think they will, but I would like to hear what you think. Do you plan on looking at pets as a larger source of income?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Finding a Niche.... and it smells like fish?

I have decided to participate in the JMTC blogging carnival. Markco has tasked us with sharing a Niche gold making strategy with the rest of the community and I am happy to do so.

When I first started playing wow the economy was quite different. It was a difficult task saving up to be able to get a riding mount at 40. All of my friends were grinding and toiling to save up the money, and I was looking for ways to save up myself. I was enamoured with WOW and all that you could do besides leveling. I took small pleasures in Fishing and Cooking all sorts of foods. I stumbled upon a recepie for Savory Deviate Delights and learned it without thinking about it.

Turns out that the recipe at the time was worth 50g or so and could even be sold for 100g on a neutral AH!  I was a bit upset at first but decided to figure out why it was so valuable. Turns out it was used to make this fun food that would turn you into a pirate or a Ninja and was in high demand on the AH. I found out where the deviate fish were and started fishing them up. I was able to make a gold a fish once cooked and this started me along the way to finding way of making gold, and (minus a few months off) I have never looked back.  The deviate fish became and are still one of my favorite markets around and the market fit me like a glove.

Deviate fish are still a great valuable resource, and have opened several doors for me. I still sell Deviate Delights for 2-3g apiece and manage to sell a couple stacks a day, I also will send them to my Alchemist and convert them into Elixir of Giant Growth that make much more than my Deviate delights do, I manage to sell 20 or so of these at 7g each and these only require a single fish and Earthroot which is normally available for 5-10g a stack. This strategy has been immensely profitable.

I no longer fish the Deviates, I wonder into the barrens and find young adventures who are wanting to make gold. Normally I am able to buy them for 50-75 silvers each. This is great in it's own right, but perhaps the best thing about this is how it has helped me to find wonderfully willing farmers who after they graduate out of the barrens will become farmers for other items like ores, leathers and herbs. It's a gateway into other things and goes to show that building an early relationship with someone is a sure fire to make gold in WOW and I must say for starting me in making gold I quite simply love Deviates!

"All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth."
Fredrich Nietzsche

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Silithus is still GOLD!

Essence of Airs have been a big gold maker for me.... most people have heard about Silithus being a great farmings spot and it is very much true. However I suppose a lot of people are put off by the fact that the Essence of Airs don't exactly fly off the shelf. People will tell you that it's a busted farming spot. Don't worry.  Essence of Airs are a gold maker now, and Essence of Airs will be a gold maker come Cataclysm.

You see the Essence's are used to create the Icy Chill enchant as well as both 305 Agility enchants and come Cat I feel a lot of people are going to be looking for these enchants to place on Leveling/boa/twink gear so your sales should increase.

Right now the best spot in the game for these is Silithus, you should be able to farm 30-50 Essence of Airs an hour. I've been paying people to farm these for me for 9g per so even the farmers are making a decent bank. Currently I am selling these for around 20g each and selling 10 or so a day (some days 20+ some days just 1-5). Their deposit is minimal, and if you decide to farm these yourself a couple hours should net you about a weeks worth of supply. these are best farmed in the Northwestern corner as shown. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Three simple reason to Subscribe to the remote AH

Reason 1.   The remote auction house makes it easy to get the gold from your mailbox.  One simple click and you can open 50 emails at once. you can easily go from character to character and grab all of your gold.

Reason 2. Easy access to neutral AH! the remote auction house lets you switch from horde to neutral AH in no time. This is great for trading cross faction. I've even gone as far as to stock a toon's bank with normal vendor pets to keep them going on the neutral AH for great profit.

Reason 3.  You can post from anywhere at any time. your character can be camping a black tabby and still use the AH. You can sell items out of your bags and even your bank! The only limitation is that you can only post 200 transactions a day... otherwise i suppose it would just be unfair to other auctioneers.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Top Chef WOW

I see a lot of discussions about what Professions you need to chose to maximize your profits. They all have things to offer. Jewelcrafting has epic gems which can make you a fortune, Blacksmithing has belt buckles, rods as well as gear, Tailoring has spellthreads, Leatherworking has drums and leg armors, Inscription has vellum and glyphs, heck even engineering has vanity pets now. But in all these discussions I never hear anyone mention a profession that adds rather nicely to my weekly income.  That profession is Cooking!

Now there are several items that cooking can profit off of. There are the Savory Deviate delights which when cooked easily go for 2g a fish as well as other lower level cooking items that should help you profit all the way up to 450 (Think Twink food).

The majority of the profit however is to be made when you reach Northrend cooking. Right out of the gate  you can start flipping Grilled Sculpin and Poached Nettlefish; the raw fish are farmed in wintergasp and there is usually a very large supply. Often I obtain these at 6-13g a stack and cook up the fish and sell from 1-1.5g a fish.

After you have done a few Dalaren cooking quests you will be able to buy some of the most awesome recipes in the game.The ones I find the most useful and profitable are Dragonfin Fillets, Blackened Dragonfin, Firecracker Salmon and of course Fish Feast. all of these can be EXTREMELY profitable. Northern spices are now sub 1g each and the raw fish for these tend to go between 1-2g per fish (sculpin and nettlefish are much cheaper for the fish feast). When cooked I have been selling the Dragonfins for 8g per fish in stacks of 5 and selling around 100 or so a night (on a high pop server). The Firecracker Salmon don't seem to sell  as well  but do rather well priced a gold or two below the dragonfins and the raw fish tend to be cheaperfor these. I post for around 6g a fish and sell 5 stacks of 5 a night. Depending on mats the Fish Feast can be very profitable due to being the best raid food you can find but markets tend to vary drastically on the feasts.

Cooking is overlooked and overshadowed by the big professions. I have had a lot of success with it and I am sure come Cataclysm the new recipes will be just as profitable so don't neglect it, After all it is Free!