Monday, December 6, 2010

The End is the Beginning.

So Cataclysm is here.... We are just mere hours away from the shattering of the world and one big ole dragon person.... And I am back in business (after an hour worth of Power Supply installation).

I am currently Expecting to see some of the low level mats increase in price over the next couple days. Which is good as my power supply went out while I was buying large quantities of Ores and Gems. I am thinking that the Influx of Worgs and Goblins coming into the realm with Sugar Daddy Mains will be Power leveling these little low level characters into their skills (ENG anyone?)

Yes the new players will also mean a new group of Suppliers (those leveling a Gathering profession) but I do not believe it will keep up with the demand starting out.

In addition any Gathering professions that you have on your mains are going to be HUGE... start getting those new mats and sell them as quickly as you can (prices should be highly elevated due to the demand).... If you are new to the gold game there is not better time to start building your stack!


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