Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A portal to riches

So. The new zones are up, the cites are drastically different, and the portal are DEAD.

This is great! I logged into the realm to see all these nice and fun changes. only to have loud alarms from my Power supply as it can't handle the power my graphics card is using (I so need a new computer.... if any super rich readers want to hit that donate button...... ok... i can keep dreaming!)

Anyway, I did not get a lot of time to play around with the new stuff... I noticed that the Tundra mammoth now sells a 14 slot bag... Which to me is really just a neat little bit of awesome as I like to Bag up Lowbies I help out and just don't want to run to the AH all the time.

Anyway to the tips.

So the portals are gone.... what does that mean to me?

Well if you are a mage.... now is the time to make a killing selling portals. There will be several characters logging in and being in Dalaran. These people will want off the rock, the easiest way is to port them to org or any other starting city they need. This can make you a quick 5-10g a pop and you will get SEVERAL customers.

In the long term as well people will be needing more and more ports across all of azeroth so you should manage to make a pretty decent transport business out of those nifty little mage portals.

To non-mages this has a lot of meaning as well. Expect to see the prices of northrend mats and Outland mats to increase in price as fewer people take the long treck out to farm these mats. In addition now is the time that my Death to poirtals rise of pets post is relevant.

Anyway good luck and I hope to come back with some much better Tips with the new changes as soon as I can figure out how to get my machine back up and mostly functioning.


  1. 'from my Power supply as it can't handle the power my graphics card is using'

    Just buy a new power supply. My advice is free because it sucks!

  2. hehe... Yea... that's the the most likely way out... but the machine is older than Dirt so ... need a new one anyway... Saving up... hopefully soon.

  3. I'm feeling for ya - my mobo died last week and only just got a call that it'll be ready to pick up from the repair shop tonight. Now what to do with all those thousands of IotS I was unable to trade...

  4. Cheer up, for you were not the only one who wasn't able to trade in all those inks.

  5. I hate how they removed the portals in Dalaran. That made things so easy.. /sigh