Friday, December 3, 2010

Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of posts of late folks.  just thought I would let everyone know why.  My Power supply Finally died completely so my Home PC is shot as I wait for a part to be delivered  (posting from work atm so making this quick).

I promise I have not gone anywhere but right now I am sweating hoping I can get everything back up and running in time to load and start Cata for you guys. So as soon as my Machine is back up I will continue the Gold tips.

Anyway Just wanted to update my readers on what's going on. I appriciate your patience.

If you want a quick gold tip... umm..... Buy Enchanted Vellums at the enchanting supply store for 9 silver each and sell um on the AH (they are still fetching 50s-2g each). I don't expect this market to ever really fall below cost... let's face it (some) people are lazy and would rather pick them up on the AH then go and find the enchanter.


  1. I can get vellums for 8s each; they likely are effected by rep discounts for the vendor. Buying from a vendor on an exalted toon will equal more profits in the long run. :)

  2. Indeed...I still sell Vanishing Powders quite well!

  3. LOL, i still sell these thing for 1g 50s on my server.