Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Silithus is still GOLD!

Essence of Airs have been a big gold maker for me.... most people have heard about Silithus being a great farmings spot and it is very much true. However I suppose a lot of people are put off by the fact that the Essence of Airs don't exactly fly off the shelf. People will tell you that it's a busted farming spot. Don't worry.  Essence of Airs are a gold maker now, and Essence of Airs will be a gold maker come Cataclysm.

You see the Essence's are used to create the Icy Chill enchant as well as both 305 Agility enchants and come Cat I feel a lot of people are going to be looking for these enchants to place on Leveling/boa/twink gear so your sales should increase.

Right now the best spot in the game for these is Silithus, you should be able to farm 30-50 Essence of Airs an hour. I've been paying people to farm these for me for 9g per so even the farmers are making a decent bank. Currently I am selling these for around 20g each and selling 10 or so a day (some days 20+ some days just 1-5). Their deposit is minimal, and if you decide to farm these yourself a couple hours should net you about a weeks worth of supply. these are best farmed in the Northwestern corner as shown. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Three simple reason to Subscribe to the remote AH

Reason 1.   The remote auction house makes it easy to get the gold from your mailbox.  One simple click and you can open 50 emails at once. you can easily go from character to character and grab all of your gold.

Reason 2. Easy access to neutral AH! the remote auction house lets you switch from horde to neutral AH in no time. This is great for trading cross faction. I've even gone as far as to stock a toon's bank with normal vendor pets to keep them going on the neutral AH for great profit.

Reason 3.  You can post from anywhere at any time. your character can be camping a black tabby and still use the AH. You can sell items out of your bags and even your bank! The only limitation is that you can only post 200 transactions a day... otherwise i suppose it would just be unfair to other auctioneers.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Top Chef WOW

I see a lot of discussions about what Professions you need to chose to maximize your profits. They all have things to offer. Jewelcrafting has epic gems which can make you a fortune, Blacksmithing has belt buckles, rods as well as gear, Tailoring has spellthreads, Leatherworking has drums and leg armors, Inscription has vellum and glyphs, heck even engineering has vanity pets now. But in all these discussions I never hear anyone mention a profession that adds rather nicely to my weekly income.  That profession is Cooking!

Now there are several items that cooking can profit off of. There are the Savory Deviate delights which when cooked easily go for 2g a fish as well as other lower level cooking items that should help you profit all the way up to 450 (Think Twink food).

The majority of the profit however is to be made when you reach Northrend cooking. Right out of the gate  you can start flipping Grilled Sculpin and Poached Nettlefish; the raw fish are farmed in wintergasp and there is usually a very large supply. Often I obtain these at 6-13g a stack and cook up the fish and sell from 1-1.5g a fish.

After you have done a few Dalaren cooking quests you will be able to buy some of the most awesome recipes in the game.The ones I find the most useful and profitable are Dragonfin Fillets, Blackened Dragonfin, Firecracker Salmon and of course Fish Feast. all of these can be EXTREMELY profitable. Northern spices are now sub 1g each and the raw fish for these tend to go between 1-2g per fish (sculpin and nettlefish are much cheaper for the fish feast). When cooked I have been selling the Dragonfins for 8g per fish in stacks of 5 and selling around 100 or so a night (on a high pop server). The Firecracker Salmon don't seem to sell  as well  but do rather well priced a gold or two below the dragonfins and the raw fish tend to be cheaperfor these. I post for around 6g a fish and sell 5 stacks of 5 a night. Depending on mats the Fish Feast can be very profitable due to being the best raid food you can find but markets tend to vary drastically on the feasts.

Cooking is overlooked and overshadowed by the big professions. I have had a lot of success with it and I am sure come Cataclysm the new recipes will be just as profitable so don't neglect it, After all it is Free!

Saturday, September 4, 2010



Today I decided I would introduce myself. My name is Acadia and I Live on the Burning Blade server.  I have been running around of late doing my best to make as much gold as possible before Cataclysm comes out. I have decided  to share my gold tips with you and maybe help in a small way with the WOW gold making community. I am a level 80 Paladin (accounts only 80) Blacksmith/Miner and at the time of this post am currently sitting on 120'000g.  

I have a toddler and a full time job (normally 55+ hours a week). so the amount of time I get to spend in wow is limited, which has forced me to come up with some rather quickfire gold strategies. More often than not I get maybe a half hour or so to log in and re-post auctions, read mail and insult a random hunter.

I look forward to sharing my tips with you and hope we can all help each-other achieve whatever our gold making goals are.Also please forgive any bad punctuation,misspellings,bad grammar or other affronts to the language..... I went to a public school.....outside of Org..... with a bunch of disruptive Orcs and Trolls.