Friday, November 19, 2010

You landed on Free Parking, Collect 500g!

First off let me apologize if this post gets rambly or incoherent, I currently am sick and my brain is only half functioning. That being said...

Do you park your alts?
If you like many people have several toons... it's time to make them work for you. This is your little army of campers, they can grab your concert tickets, Stand in the DMV for your personalized PWN license plate for your chopper.... ohh and make you gold.

If you aren't currently leveling these toons, there are some good spots to camp these little deadbeats to help them pay their way. Allow me to share a some of my favorites

First on my list is Stormspire at The Consortium. There is a great pet vendor named Dealer Rashaad here that sells a bunch of pets you won't find anywhere else in azeroth (and a couple you will. These pets will sell for 3-10x purchase price on the AH and I only see the prices going even Higher with inflation and the removal of portals (they are still doing this right?).  There is also a couple other vendors that will carry parts and other limited quantity items that should fetch you a tidy sum of gold.

Another place I find profitable is Horde only camp spot... but can be very lucrative and that's Ambermill in silverpine forest. This is where you might want to park and farm the Black tabby. for more on this spot see this POST I wrote on the tabby.

The Third spot I would like to turn you onto is in WinterSpring. at the south end of the road you will find Vi'el Who sells Limited supplys of Groomsblood at 10 silvers Apiece (these sell for several gold on the AH). Also if you do decide to kill a few things while in Winterspring, Be on the lookout for the Winterfall Firewaters. these suckers few quite a few gold apiece in their own right.

Another Great spot to Camp is Dalaran. If they end up removing the portals then you'll have pets, clothes, tomes of Polymorph black cat, Flowers and all assortment of other items to pickup and resell.

At the moment these are the spots that spring to the front of my mind. I am sure there are plenty more, and probably better spots. So please feel free to get me your favorite parking spots in the comments!


  1. I have one of my never used 80s parked in the Dire Maul arena. A couple times a day a rarespawn "boss" will appear, and it can drop a variety of vanilla blues that sell well, including the Orb of Deception. Anyone can attack you while in the arena though, which is why I park an 80 there, but I've only ever encountered another player once, and I check at least once a day.

    I always forget about Dealer Rashaad, but I'll have to send someone out to the Stormspire to get some of those pets! Thanks for the reminder! :)

  2. Ahh... great spot, I always intend to farm the orb and never get out there.

  3. I park a character in the inn next to the dragonhawk vendor since they seems to be the best selling horde-only pet on the neutral auction house.

  4. I've some parked at the Argent Tournament, Booty Bay Auction House, Ambermill, Halaa and The Black Temple (entrance). This is other than those I need for my crafting/AH business stuff.

    If you're camping at the Dire Maul Arena, I preferred standing at the top. This way you'll be able to see if there's someone or a rare spawn without being flagged. Or just take an 80 (preferably healer) with some PvP gear and you won't have any problems either.

  5. Another addition: Camping at the engineering supply NPC in Stranglethorn Vale could be profitable. I sold the recipe for 100 gold already, and NO ONE knows where to find these gnome(s):

    Obviously, everyone assumes that these can only be obtained by using the Wormhole Generator and getting the "Underground..." option. This is, however, not wholly true for each of the recipes.

  6. The spot in Wintergrasp is Awesome. I have a warrior parked there, and everytime I log on, I grab the available gromsblood, I farm the thorium veins, and i kill a couple of elites to get that epic eye of the shadow which is a bitch to sell but it usually sells at ~40-50g. If only you could carry more than 1 at a time..