Thursday, December 9, 2010

Extra Extra... Profitable Glitch! (Wikileaks Style!)

(Note: Acadia's gold does not support Profiteering from game glitches and the post below is only up to let the public know that it exist)

Ok so here is the deal. I discovered a fun little Glitch on my Droid's version of the remote auction house last night (not sure about Iphone but it is a No on the Online remote auction house). I did a little testing with it and Sure enough it seems like it's across more than just my server.

Anyway allow me to get to the point. I was checking my auctions on my phone as I am apt to do, when I accidentally clicked on my new Goblin. I started going through the auction house and noticed that things didn't exactly look right. It was at this point that I realized My GOBLIN was on the Alliance Auction house!

I Figured this might be a programming glitch or that it might only be an issue for Burning Blade (My Server). So I created a couple test goblins on other servers. Well as of this morning... all the goblins are  still pointing to the Alliance AH. This is great as it means I can effectivly cross faction trade on a single character!

I tested by buying a few items which Showed up in the mailbox when I logged in, as well as selling a few items that ended up being posted on the Alliance AH. so it seems to be functional.

So I want to know if anyone else out there is having this happen with them? If so please let me know .

If this is universal, The Profits to be made should be pretty obvious.  you should easily be able to sell and buy Cross Faction pets, faction exclusive recipies, Wool cloth as well as other endless Flipping possibilities.

I am sure this will be fixed soon and might not even wait until tuesday, so take advantage of this while you can!


  1. Would be fun if they were the only race that could access both faction's auction houses. That would save you a lot of cash.

  2. Seems risky to me. Get caught and kiss your account goodbye.

  3. Don't think this would result in an outright perma-ban. if you are using the Remote desktop app.... well you basically have no choice. It's the only AH your goblin sees.

    I am kinda putting myself out there by posting it but. I don't see this being a huge Penalizing offense for anyone else.

  4. When I did a search yesterday on the Armory for my new goblin, on the search results under faction it said "Alliance." I imagine somehow that is related. Very odd!

  5. I was actually using Remote Auction on my phone a moment ago to check about my auctions as well and was confused since it kept placing me in the Alliance AH instead. The two options it gives me are Alliance and Neutral. You can't switch Horde at all. I had thought it was due to faction changing to Goblin but I suppose its just a classification error in general.

  6. AND....... It's over..

    Ok looks like they just fixed the Glitch (I wonder how much I had to do with it?).

    I just checked and now the Goblins are pointing to the correct AH.

    I hope those of you Immoral buggers who used my tip made Huge piles of gold!

  7. Interesting, I wonder if it might be that at one point the Goblins were going to be Alliance, and that one parameter was never changed in the programming. I'd be curious if Worgen were seeing Horde.

  8. This seems pretty risky. I'll give it a try.

  9. Seems like you got banned for it.
    No updates for a year.