Monday, October 4, 2010

Death of portals, Rise of pets!

Are you currently in the pet market?  If you aren't then I would look into it. Vanity pets are a nice supplemental source of income. The pets you can get in all the major cities will easily go from 2-10g in the AH and are only an investment of 50 Silvers or so.  Pets such as the Ancona chicken (available in the Mirage racetrack in thousand needles) can go for 30g on a 1g investment.  These sell rather well due the their location, few people are really willing to go all the way out to thousand needles and pick this thing up. Most of the pets that require some legwork are much more valuable then those that don't. The pets available from Dealer Rashaad. at the consortium (The Mana Wyrm, the Blue Dragonhawk, the Red Moth, Siamese Cat) easily sell for 3-10x their cost.  You can also make a fairly good profit on the Dalaran pets which can be obtained for 40-50g depending on rep and will sell in the AH for around 100g (beware however the deposit cost so post one at a time). and Rare pets like the White Kitten and the Black Tabby can go from 200-1000g each.

What does this have to do with portals you might ask?  Well grabbing the pets is something that I do more when it's convenient, I tend not to go far out of my way unless it's to buy several in bulk and sell at a huge markup. I will pick up one of each pet in Dalaran whenever I am there as it's where I and, for that matter, most people have their hearths set. The portals in Dalaran make getting pets simple... port to whatever city I want.... grab whatever pets I want to make a little income on top of my main markets.even a port to Shat is  an easy AFK fly to the consortium. Well...... that will now be a thing of the past.  The portals in Dalaran and Shat are soon to be gone.  What does this mean for the pet market?

Right now almost everyone's hearth is set to Dalaran, it's easy access to the portals being a main reason. Come Cataclysm the rose is off the bloom and Dalaran will be abandoned by most players and main cities like ORG will be back to the main hub in the game. Many of the pet farmers are lower level toons (bank alts and the like) and will suddenly find their ability to get pets terribly hindered.

I see this causing the price of pets to increase significantly...Several low level pet farmers will see the added time involved in getting the pets and look for new markets.  Is it possible the the Dalaran pets could reach 300g?  Could the pets from the consortium increase even more?  I think they will, but I would like to hear what you think. Do you plan on looking at pets as a larger source of income?


  1. I've never thought about that!

    I can most definitely see the price of the Dalaran vendor pets rising due to people not visiting the city, due to the portals being removed. As far as them going for 300g, I can see it happening but they won't sell too much, I can see the prices rising the further we get into cataclysm.

    I will do a feature post about you & your blog ( perhaps tomorrow, if not VERY soon ) to let people know that you're out there and that you have good ideas/thoughts :)

  2. Its all good in theory, but forgetting one key element. Mages! Mages can still teleport and gather pets themselves and any low level auctioneer can afford to pay a mage for a portal to the various cities. What it does mean though, is less competition for us pet sellers as the truely lazy are weeded out.

    Wonder if the chicken selling mage survives the cataclysm? Might be worth stocking up just in case.

  3. A good stocking up is probably not a bad idea. If not for any other reason then still having the portals available for use. Another good idea would be stationing un-played alts around the world in an effort to make things more convenient as well.

    As far as mages are concerned, look for a big spike in portal demands as well. Those mages always seem to be money makers.

  4. The mage selling the chicken is in fact in Cat, Or rather is available from another source in the same area(the guy that he had turned into a chicken.... you actually kill the mage and he's freed or something like that).

  5. >> Come Cataclysm the rose is off the bloom and Dalaran will be abandoned by most players and main cities like ORG will be back to the main hub in the game <<

    Er, well like the other Azerothan capitals, anyway. I'm afraid Orgrimmar is scheduled for urban renewal on 12/7!