Thursday, December 9, 2010

Extra Extra... Profitable Glitch! (Wikileaks Style!)

(Note: Acadia's gold does not support Profiteering from game glitches and the post below is only up to let the public know that it exist)

Ok so here is the deal. I discovered a fun little Glitch on my Droid's version of the remote auction house last night (not sure about Iphone but it is a No on the Online remote auction house). I did a little testing with it and Sure enough it seems like it's across more than just my server.

Anyway allow me to get to the point. I was checking my auctions on my phone as I am apt to do, when I accidentally clicked on my new Goblin. I started going through the auction house and noticed that things didn't exactly look right. It was at this point that I realized My GOBLIN was on the Alliance Auction house!

I Figured this might be a programming glitch or that it might only be an issue for Burning Blade (My Server). So I created a couple test goblins on other servers. Well as of this morning... all the goblins are  still pointing to the Alliance AH. This is great as it means I can effectivly cross faction trade on a single character!

I tested by buying a few items which Showed up in the mailbox when I logged in, as well as selling a few items that ended up being posted on the Alliance AH. so it seems to be functional.

So I want to know if anyone else out there is having this happen with them? If so please let me know .

If this is universal, The Profits to be made should be pretty obvious.  you should easily be able to sell and buy Cross Faction pets, faction exclusive recipies, Wool cloth as well as other endless Flipping possibilities.

I am sure this will be fixed soon and might not even wait until tuesday, so take advantage of this while you can!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Cost Of Doing Business

So far I have managed to log an incredible 2 hours of cataclysm (thanks work). My computer is up and running however, and I am trudging forward into the new content. Anyway, I figured now would be a good time to talk about a very real cost of doing business.
 As cataclysm progresses and you start placing more and more new content items up on the auction house, You need to start paying  more attention to one of the numbers that a lot of people simply don’t factor in while making their calculations, The Deposit cost.
A small hole can sink a ship. So when you are judging what to price an item for seriously consider if you are better off Pricing it a little lower to give you a better chance of selling, or if you want to post it 2 or 3 times to maximize your profits. As the cataclysm Items are posted, As with any item with an Increased level.  It’s deposit cost is going to Higher as well. This is all fine and dandy if you manage to sell the item within a 48 hour period as you will get the deposit back. However if it takes 3-4 posts to sell, you may already be in the red. 
This is especially important if you are a person who makes the majority of their gold Flipping items.  Before you buy out those stacks of Herbs at 60% value…. Take a look at how much a 48 hour deposit is. You may find that after a single posting, You’re breaking even.
This is something I am guilty of myself…. In truth I probably lose a few hundred gold a day because of deposits.  It’s easy to do, If you’re not the spreadsheet type and you simply watch your gold keep going up, It’s easy to think you’ve got the market all figured out.  However if you take a quick look at the number of returned auctions , you should be able to see just how much Money  you are really losing.
Now I am not going to say you should be selling 100% of your auctions, which is of course a unreasonable expectation. But stepping back and taking a look at where the holes in your boat might be is an important thing…. The gold you will save is going to be substantial.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The End is the Beginning.

So Cataclysm is here.... We are just mere hours away from the shattering of the world and one big ole dragon person.... And I am back in business (after an hour worth of Power Supply installation).

I am currently Expecting to see some of the low level mats increase in price over the next couple days. Which is good as my power supply went out while I was buying large quantities of Ores and Gems. I am thinking that the Influx of Worgs and Goblins coming into the realm with Sugar Daddy Mains will be Power leveling these little low level characters into their skills (ENG anyone?)

Yes the new players will also mean a new group of Suppliers (those leveling a Gathering profession) but I do not believe it will keep up with the demand starting out.

In addition any Gathering professions that you have on your mains are going to be HUGE... start getting those new mats and sell them as quickly as you can (prices should be highly elevated due to the demand).... If you are new to the gold game there is not better time to start building your stack!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of posts of late folks.  just thought I would let everyone know why.  My Power supply Finally died completely so my Home PC is shot as I wait for a part to be delivered  (posting from work atm so making this quick).

I promise I have not gone anywhere but right now I am sweating hoping I can get everything back up and running in time to load and start Cata for you guys. So as soon as my Machine is back up I will continue the Gold tips.

Anyway Just wanted to update my readers on what's going on. I appriciate your patience.

If you want a quick gold tip... umm..... Buy Enchanted Vellums at the enchanting supply store for 9 silver each and sell um on the AH (they are still fetching 50s-2g each). I don't expect this market to ever really fall below cost... let's face it (some) people are lazy and would rather pick them up on the AH then go and find the enchanter.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A portal to riches

So. The new zones are up, the cites are drastically different, and the portal are DEAD.

This is great! I logged into the realm to see all these nice and fun changes. only to have loud alarms from my Power supply as it can't handle the power my graphics card is using (I so need a new computer.... if any super rich readers want to hit that donate button...... ok... i can keep dreaming!)

Anyway, I did not get a lot of time to play around with the new stuff... I noticed that the Tundra mammoth now sells a 14 slot bag... Which to me is really just a neat little bit of awesome as I like to Bag up Lowbies I help out and just don't want to run to the AH all the time.

Anyway to the tips.

So the portals are gone.... what does that mean to me?

Well if you are a mage.... now is the time to make a killing selling portals. There will be several characters logging in and being in Dalaran. These people will want off the rock, the easiest way is to port them to org or any other starting city they need. This can make you a quick 5-10g a pop and you will get SEVERAL customers.

In the long term as well people will be needing more and more ports across all of azeroth so you should manage to make a pretty decent transport business out of those nifty little mage portals.

To non-mages this has a lot of meaning as well. Expect to see the prices of northrend mats and Outland mats to increase in price as fewer people take the long treck out to farm these mats. In addition now is the time that my Death to poirtals rise of pets post is relevant.

Anyway good luck and I hope to come back with some much better Tips with the new changes as soon as I can figure out how to get my machine back up and mostly functioning.

Friday, November 19, 2010

You landed on Free Parking, Collect 500g!

First off let me apologize if this post gets rambly or incoherent, I currently am sick and my brain is only half functioning. That being said...

Do you park your alts?
If you like many people have several toons... it's time to make them work for you. This is your little army of campers, they can grab your concert tickets, Stand in the DMV for your personalized PWN license plate for your chopper.... ohh and make you gold.

If you aren't currently leveling these toons, there are some good spots to camp these little deadbeats to help them pay their way. Allow me to share a some of my favorites

First on my list is Stormspire at The Consortium. There is a great pet vendor named Dealer Rashaad here that sells a bunch of pets you won't find anywhere else in azeroth (and a couple you will. These pets will sell for 3-10x purchase price on the AH and I only see the prices going even Higher with inflation and the removal of portals (they are still doing this right?).  There is also a couple other vendors that will carry parts and other limited quantity items that should fetch you a tidy sum of gold.

Another place I find profitable is Horde only camp spot... but can be very lucrative and that's Ambermill in silverpine forest. This is where you might want to park and farm the Black tabby. for more on this spot see this POST I wrote on the tabby.

The Third spot I would like to turn you onto is in WinterSpring. at the south end of the road you will find Vi'el Who sells Limited supplys of Groomsblood at 10 silvers Apiece (these sell for several gold on the AH). Also if you do decide to kill a few things while in Winterspring, Be on the lookout for the Winterfall Firewaters. these suckers few quite a few gold apiece in their own right.

Another Great spot to Camp is Dalaran. If they end up removing the portals then you'll have pets, clothes, tomes of Polymorph black cat, Flowers and all assortment of other items to pickup and resell.

At the moment these are the spots that spring to the front of my mind. I am sure there are plenty more, and probably better spots. So please feel free to get me your favorite parking spots in the comments!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Like sands through the hour glass

There might be times that maybe you’re on a new character, or you are having problems moving items you have created. If your usual tricks are not working It might be a good time to try some Product Placement! 
Ok….. so obviously Cherrios and Chex mix aren’t going to give you gold to advertise in world of warcraft (although I have not confirmed this), But believe it or not, A lot of people like a good Gimmick. With a little wit and Humor you can often convince people to buy things they would not normally feel a need to purchase. In effect you are doing Product Placment for your own goods.
I recently set up an Ally on the other side of my server. I am currently trying to get a feel for the dynamics involved between the two sides to better tune the way I use the auction houses.  Anyway, I threw some low level items up on the AH to start making gold and used the Linen I had gathered in the first few levels to make a few shirts  with tailoring and tossed them up on the AH for 7g each.  I then hit trade chat (not spamming of course). 
“Are you fashionable? Are you wearing a Tilla? If it’s not made by Tilla then I am afraid you have been left behind. Do not fret some fine Shirts made by Tilla are available now in the AH! Get yours before they are all gone”
A few people found this approach to selling amusing and went out of their way to buy the shirts I had posted in the AH, Which is in truth what I was expecting. You see I’ve used this trick before. If you approach someone in a way they are not expecting, or find humorous they are often likely just to buy out your item based solely on your Charisma! If you are not being obnoxious, this works really well on a RP server as you are in fact, just assuming your role.
So from time to time…. Don’t be afraid to take on the guise of an Expert pet trainer, A Top Chef, or fine tailor. Besides, it can be fun. It’s not going to make you fabulously wealthy, but it should start helping you think outside the box.