Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Like sands through the hour glass

There might be times that maybe you’re on a new character, or you are having problems moving items you have created. If your usual tricks are not working It might be a good time to try some Product Placement! 
Ok….. so obviously Cherrios and Chex mix aren’t going to give you gold to advertise in world of warcraft (although I have not confirmed this), But believe it or not, A lot of people like a good Gimmick. With a little wit and Humor you can often convince people to buy things they would not normally feel a need to purchase. In effect you are doing Product Placment for your own goods.
I recently set up an Ally on the other side of my server. I am currently trying to get a feel for the dynamics involved between the two sides to better tune the way I use the auction houses.  Anyway, I threw some low level items up on the AH to start making gold and used the Linen I had gathered in the first few levels to make a few shirts  with tailoring and tossed them up on the AH for 7g each.  I then hit trade chat (not spamming of course). 
“Are you fashionable? Are you wearing a Tilla? If it’s not made by Tilla then I am afraid you have been left behind. Do not fret some fine Shirts made by Tilla are available now in the AH! Get yours before they are all gone”
A few people found this approach to selling amusing and went out of their way to buy the shirts I had posted in the AH, Which is in truth what I was expecting. You see I’ve used this trick before. If you approach someone in a way they are not expecting, or find humorous they are often likely just to buy out your item based solely on your Charisma! If you are not being obnoxious, this works really well on a RP server as you are in fact, just assuming your role.
So from time to time…. Don’t be afraid to take on the guise of an Expert pet trainer, A Top Chef, or fine tailor. Besides, it can be fun. It’s not going to make you fabulously wealthy, but it should start helping you think outside the box.


  1. A little roleplay goes a long way even on a normal server. Nice tip, as always

  2. I admit I have purchased from people who use creative advertising like this in /trade. I usually "friend" them and try to use them more in the future. There is a guy on my server who has a whole JC pitch down pretty good, and I will use him if possible.

    Good reminder.

  3. I sold Mithril Shaving Razor advertising it as the perfect father's day gift. And I do have a brand for my dresses and shirts Tadedra Tailored Goods, Crafted with you in mind.


  4. This is a nice marketing strategy for sure.

    However, depending on what the goods are that you're trying to sell, you should be aware that you may draw some serious competition if you call their attention to some of the little-known items.

  5. Great technique, but it depends on price. If you are selling shirts for 20g, I don't think people will buy it just because they found your marketing technique interesting. If they were ~2g, more shirts would probably be sold.

    There are a lot of jerks also in the game though. And you'll get mean whispers or w/e. I just throw them on my ignore list and move on.

    Great tip, as always.